Riesling 2015



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Tasting Notes

The grapes were hand-picked on the 4th of April and raced back to the winery where the whole bunches were placed into the press and the clear juice gently extracted from the skins. We sacrificed yield for quality and only lightly pressed the berries resulting in a more delicate juice without any harsh phenolics from the skins.

Alsace Riesling yeast was chosen to ferment the juice as it helps preserve the subtle aromatics within the resulting wine. The fermenting wine was tasted daily by the winemakers to pin point the ultimate balance point between the sweetness, acidity and alcohol. Once this point was established the wine was chilled to halt the yeast activity and then filtered off the yeast lees.

The cool sea breezes of Te Awanga have preserved the delicate aromas of mandarin, orange blossom and feijoa with a hint of Tahitian lime. A luscious, juicy entry onto the palate gives way to a crisp, textured, yummy finish. A pleasant and refreshing low alcohol Riesling and a top seller at our Cellar Door in Te Awanga. Dangerous on a summer afternoon.

Tasting Notes